What are koi?
Are koi related to goldfish? 
Even though koi and gold fish have similar habitats and both enjoy cool water they are pretty distant relatives. The carp is in fact the forerunner to the koi fish that we are familiar with today.

Where do Koi come from?
The Japanese name for Koi is Nishikigoi
Koi were developed by the Japanese over 200 years ago. There gorgeous creatures were housed in lushly landscaped out door fish ponds. The ponds were constructed to adequate oxygenation and with a large turnover of water to ensure high water quality. Nowadays we require hi-tech filtration of the water using mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to ensure maximum fish health.

Koi size
Does the pond size affect koi growth? year.
Ponds make an excellent landscaping addition to almost any garden. The size of the pond will affect the growth of the fish in as much as the water quality in a large pond is almost invariably better than the smaller ponds. It is the water quality more that the size of the pond that affects koi size. The average Koi can grow to 24-36 inches at a growth rate of up to 2-4 inches a year